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Militias generally lack when it comes to long term mobilization, generally only having supplies for about 3 days. The fix for the basics is have a group standard storage quantity for food, water, ammo and savings.


I've noticed most things are probably better left to the individual. I'll go over water for the example;

(for the math break down read this https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/entry/289-food-storage-and-preparedness/ )

 A sawyer gravity filter and a jerry can is about $100, this will easily allow one to get water and filter for a dozen people. I think this is a better investment than a large water reservoir to tote around (depending on area) because of the ability to move, space required, cost involved, and "ownership" issues.

If the group has 5 people show up, with the sawyer and jerry can, they have the ability to tote 25 gallons of water and provide it for 125 people. The same goes with almost everything.


The point of this is to brainstorm and see how much we can delegate to the individual while keeping it at a low cost, and what items have the most uses.


One of the issues I've been thinking of is medical. personal IFAKs are one thing, but looking at a field expedient hospital is another. Medical is generally more expensive, so it may make more sense to pool resources on this. The max i would go on an individual is an emergency response kit for a vehicle. most accident i've seen have an off duty medical person there that is helping, but they rarely have the resources. Imagine being able to save a life just because you had the tools for the person with the skill set. best resource ive seen (so far) for this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaLfG0PfKPQ&t=804s


I look to the romans for the kind of supply chain we'll probably be looking at. I don't think the general public would be able to mirror our current military on logistics or supply lines. a good brief vid that goes over the romans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Vo8VnazNw


Last bit is people and groups that actually deploy. Their say has more weight to this argument. One I can think of that practices what the preach and amends is slightly with learned Things is BearIndependant and his non-profit GrindStone Ministries https://www.youtube.com/c/TJMorrisNTXMAG/playlists



So you show up to a disaster thats happened, there are some injured, hungry people, weather is slightly inclement, and your group of 10 is going to help for a week. How do you go forward? What is at the individaula level, and what is at group supply level?


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