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You're just going to love being in these communist camps when Trump loses

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Video time 3:05 then when you're almost pass out with all the work in the fields you'll have some commie bi*** giving you the third degree telling you how much of a loser you are for not fighting the regime blm antifa in the beginning and just giving up like you are now

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Just a heads up why you still have your head in that camp☠️ video time 4:45 don't even try to speak without permission those two women are going to get a workout with the bamboo sticks if there lucky oh yeah you can just feel the pain can you 

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     Biggest difference between then & there and now & here is that they're trying to make us prisonets in our own homes, places of employ and communities.

     I don't think I'm being taken seriously enough, if at all, when I expound on the importance of thwarting corrupt informants, who are the eyes and ears of the police and D.O.J.

     It is the police, primarily, who enforce laws, both good and bad, and secondarily the D.O.J., though at times the primary role is shared.

     Informants are in collusion with the criminal element, nefarious cops, far left and far right groups, fraudulent members of organized religion, personal biases and greed.

     The Bible's message is pure and unadulterated, but the organized church largely is corrupt due to erroneously private interpretations of scripture.

     The concepts of the Constitution of the United States of America is righteous, but has been slanted by the Left, I believe largely by the false doctrine that the grace of Christ negates the moral commandments. That link can be traced by discovering which politicians attend/adhere to what church denomination.

     Informants are, unfortunately, to a large degree, controlling law enforcement, thus a substantial portion of America.

     Subdue the informants to adhere to Constitutional guidelines, and we take back our communities. It is the informants who cause the most trouble, quite verified by the F.B.I., especially the ones whom are trained/instructed by the C.I.A. and/or F.B.I., i.e., most notably State Police informants.

     There is one main difference between confidential informants and active criminals: c.i.'s are under government authority. The mindset, however, is the same.

     If you fail to recognize the harm that informants are capable of, ask yourself two questions: who, that is, what status of.person, can cause me the most passive harm, and, what type of person is in the best position to find out the kind of information needed to cause me the most passive, or other type of, harm?

     Two of the most useful websites containing concepts and information for a viable foundation for combatting tyranny in a peaceful society, that I've found, are copblock.org and avoidthemark.com.

     The copblock site is one which could be used by the Left, if viewed in a liberal light, but can just as easily be construed as purely Constitutional. The Avoidthemark site is Bible based, but it's secularly worded data is just as.useful to an atheist, in terms of procuring survival ways and means, due to a clear presentation of root problems in America and elsewhere.

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