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Post-election 2020: 2 studies say all hell to break loose!

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this is coming from the colleges reporting




Add to this volatile mix the well organized and funded Antifa and BLM activists, who have been perfecting their violent tactics since the death of George Floyd.  Black-masked operators can be expected to infiltrate the protests to turn nonviolent events into infernos.

Based on the two reports, the cumulative impact?  In multiple cities, in multiple locations, there will be unprecedented demonstrations, many violent.  The police will likely be overwhelmed, unable to respond to the dispersed protests — or prevented from responding — fueling fear and chaos.

Every court decision creates a new rallying cry for the left...and maybe the right, too.  The longer it takes to resolve election disagreements, the more violence and chaos, metastasizing like a cancerous growth.  The more things that get out of hand, the more out of hand things might get. 

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/10/postelection_2020_two_studies_say_all_hell_to_break_loose.html#ixzz6c0I9DD51
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I say if Antifa and BLM are determined to start a war then there is only one thing for us to do and that is rock their world. I don’t want a fight but I’ll damn sure fight back to protect freedom and the Constitution as written. It’s time to prepare because Trump is gonna lose, not legitimately. The Left has rigged the media to protect a treasonous candidate. They have already been caught trashing ballot and paying people to vote for a candidate that is under FBI investigation. Fair election this will not be. I am make a call for all freedom loving, and Constitution protecting person to prepare and organize. The time is NOW.

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Timothy K Martin

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I as so many in our town and those I know in other states are and have been well armed and amassed enough ammo before the so called shortage took the civilians chance to buy what they need down to one box a day at an already inflated price!

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