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Ok, so spontaneously decided to try 4 Patriots Survival Food.

Mine came with 2x Vanilla Pudding, Alfredo, Pancake Mix, Rice Vegetable Dinner, Bell Broccoli Bake thing, Fireside Stew, Potato Soup, and 4X Rice and Oatmeal. For $196 also came with 2x 72-Hour survival kit as a special (sure ill take it). So with the the basic crate of stuff what is listed as $196, they claim 36k Calorie count, I got 32.736k Calorie. Ok, not that big of a deal; if I did this just for me it would be like 22 days of food, actually only 20, its fine. With the wife and kid, this more realistically comes down from a 4 week crate down to 1.5 week calorie. This is assuming about 1600 calories for me, wife and kid would use less (they are more tiny then I... more for me). 😄 Calorie per dollar so far... about ~8-9 dollars for a day (1600) calories. So for the whole family about 9 Days that's just at 21 dollars a day. And thats not including the 2x 72 Hour packs that came with it. So money per day, its good.. at least for use. Since, so many MRE's on the ebay, I see them selling 20 bucks a piece, and that's like 1600-1800 Cal for $20. Much better price per cal count.


Not these, unlike MRE's require some cooking, thats fine. My wife's and daughters BOB (Bug out Bag) has stove, pots, and pans. Cooking instructions are simple and straight forward. Nothing to say there.


Now the taste. I am only gonna use one to test. So I decided on the "Fireside Stew". Each package contains 8 servings each, and each serving ~198 Calories on average, contain powder milk and pudding. But, the stew though a little bit bland, a little pepper solved that. And the lintels smelt so good cooking it.




So that's my thoughts and review for 4Patriots Survival food.


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