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     We are all observing the issues, and researching and investigating politicians, campaigns, laws, edicts and entities. This we need to do, closely examining causes and effects, comparing real life happenings with Constitutional and ethical concepts.

     However, we seem to overlook the bottom line malfunctions at grass roots level: we the people.

     Interaction between people and personal conduct is presently at an all time level of decadence, just about everywhere from what I've seen for years.

     Maybe this will sound like a prudish reflection, but it is very true that "evil communications corrupt good manners".

     I used to swear excessively, though seldom in the presence of women, which is wrong, but what I've been witnessing for many years, is so appalling that Hitler would probably blush.

     The conversations occurring in mixed company, quite frequently and even constantly, is beyond words and more immoral than most tyrants probably allowed.

     To be explicit, men and women talking freely about sexual encounters, the private parts of the human anatomy in an obscene way and, well, you name it. Respect has taken a hike.

    The women are as bad as the men, often worse. No self respecting man would engage in it, and no self respecting woman would allow to be spoken to like that. Frankly, any woman talked to like that needs to beat the man doing it to a pulp.

     For all the mean, mischievous, ornery and lewd things which my buddies and me did while growing up and beyond, not a one of.us, to my knowledge, would have thought, much less dared, to indulge in such morally atrocious acts, statements.

     It's called using discretion, regardless of what one's personal proclivities are. This is coming from someone whom has killed with a gun, a knife and hands, someone who has been around and not always been very moral.

     The only nation I've ever read about that was so depraved is the ancient Roman Empire, under Nero and other scumbags.

     I don't direct this to any particular group of people, and.hopefully it doesn't apply to anyone on this site. I've had no problems with any members here. By the same token, if the shoe fits, wear it.

     The kind of verbal activity to which I'm referring, though not proprietary, is a result or by product of many of.the Democrats' policies and demeanors, yet encompassing a much broader view than any one cultural persuasion.

     What I do here, I do for the Constitutional, and Biblical, concepts, not the society or culture, which is already mostly gone, awol, belly up, beyond redemption.

     I think it wise to be aware of your kids' and grandkids' environments, easily learned thru discussion, anything amiss potentially remedied by encouragement/upbraid.

     It is partly true that a person becomes what their friends are. Constitutional values, true freedom and liberty, begin with self.


     Note: many people of our police, FBI, CIA and other esoteric agencies contribute directly to "bad manners", by what they do in their quest for control, destroying individual initiative, independence and free thinking. Their informants more directly do, simply by engaging in trashy behavior. COINTELPRO may have been officially abolished, but it is still extant.

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