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     This may or may not be something that most people have already thought of, but the thought just struck me tonite.

     Considering everything that is occurring now can be overwhelming, especially when trying to find answers and/or create a strategy.

     Firstly, it helps to break events and entities down, and using a flowchart could make it easier, particularly when devising tactics for various what ifs.

     For example, break the following into a seperate category each: Antifa, BLM, Covid dilemma, police action, politics, economy, W.H.O., C.D.C, Bill Gates, N.W.O. agenda, and what each is doing, along with what each stands for.

     Determine all facts possible and conclude whether each is a threat to Liberty and Freedom as a standalone, putting each organization into one of two categories: threat or non or potential threat.

     Then, considering known past and present actions, edicts, statements, mandates, potentials, capabilities, etc., deduct how each could be a threat or why it is not (slim chance of any not possibly a threat).

    After all that, come up with scenarios, real life ones, involving various collusions and unions, keying in known facts and capabilities.

     For strategies, tactics and gear, a flowchart could help make quicker decisions at a managerial level.

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