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Many of us know that social media, websites, email and computers in general are being monitored, even hacked, by certain elements of the federal, state and local governments, much of it under a guise. I do believe that soon we will be in the same position as were our founding fathers, having to fight for our freedom and liberty, in one manner or another. One key to winning a battle of any kind is communication between members of the same group or side. But with everything being watched so closely and Christians and other patriots being labelled as terrorists, the real criminals being ignored much of the time, how do we communicate, other than face to face, without our messages being compromised? One way is by using the same basis for some of the computer programming code, a method which employs what is called a Vigenere Square. It looks to me that you could make up your own square, including upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols, which should help make it impossible for a computer program to decipher. Not only that, but if you had several different squares, the first, or third, or whatever you chose, digit of your encrypted message could indicate which square to use. If you wanted to get real crafty, instead of spelling out words, each symbol could represent a word that you predetermine. For example, August could mean January, the 30th could mean the 27th, Uncle Bob could mean Aunt Mary, etc. And as a matter of fact, you would want to have several different tables, using a different table each time you send a message. The reason is so that you do not give spies an opportunity to detect a pattern, which is part of deciphering an encrypted message. You also do not want to have any kind of system which can be deducted by math calculations, which is also part of how computer programs decrypt encoded things. There are 26 cap. letters, 26 lower case, 10 numbers and 33 special symbols. The general formula for possible combinations in a password is 95 to the power, the power being how many digits is in the password. A 13 digit password would be 95 to the 13th power. So I would say that the possible combinations in any statement using all of those keyboard characters would be 95 to the _ power, the power being how ever many letters are in the statement. They can crack 13 digit passwords now, using all possible characters on a keyboard. The current recommended is 15 or more. But by having a series of codes, it should be impossible to crack. Not real practical for anything lengthy, but okay for short messages. Of course, when you publish something like this, some will say that it's giving criminals another way to avoid detection when communicating. Truth is, most of them already know about stuff like that. Plus, there are always other indications of criminals at work. Seeing as how our government and corporate society is filled with criminals, the day is coming when we may need to resort to cryptography. I'm sure there are a lot of different potential combinations. But be sure for all participants to receive the tables and such by hand, not over the internet. For short messages that should make communications quite secure.

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