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      I wanted to elaborate on a rather sensitive issue, brought to light by a video posted by YoungPatriot, the video called 'When Is It Okay To Shoot A Cop?', from the website copblock.org. I think a better question is, is it okay for any government or civilian group to subvert liberty and freedom, thru any means?

     Some will say never. Many pre-WWII Germans, and multitudes in countless societies turned totalitarian said and practiced.the same thing. Their descendents, most, are still slaves/servants to the State. Those same people sat and watched police and military murder millions of their own citizens.

     Many believe that no matter how ridiculously false a bogus arrest is, that one should submit, and fight it in a court of law. One problem is, that is a big part of the D.O.J.'s, and to an extent law enforcement's, strategy. Just as the Native Americans were unjustly subdued via a war of [economic] attrition, that same strategy is being employed in America, and has been for a long while.

     Psychological-spiritual warfare is also being vastly utilized, a large part of that blame attributable to the huge numbers of [false prophets] in the pulpit and in politics, the former discounting much of the Bible's truth, the former attempting to enforce Old Testament style of moral enforcement (forced compliance of moral laws not included in the Bible's intended societal moral standards).

     In Mexico, which is similar politically to America, the citizens hang corrupt politicians and cops. There, I suspect that people like Cuomo, Newsome, Pelosi, O'Rourke and Schumer would be dangling, dry bones by now.

     How far are Americans willing to tolerate before taking action? After most of their friends and family are murdered? After America has been transformed into a third.world country, and the choice is starve or revolt?

     Note that the Bible in the Old Testament, and Jesus Christ, pronounce murder to be wrong, a sin, not killing for justifiable reasons. No preacher in the world can refute that. It's not pleasant, but preferable to tyranny.

     The actions, procedures, protocols and methods, all sly and crafty, of corrupt cops, politicians and D.O.J. personnel contribute to drug trafficking, sex & other slavery and back doors for terrorist infiltration.

     Citizen's arrests are stipulated in state laws, so that is an option. However, when all else fails...

     Keep in mind that every one of the original revolutionaries, our Founding Fathers, were branded as criminals by the British government...

     "When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny".


     Note: multiple problems exist during and after citizens' arrests, quite potentially, especially if an officer is arrested, particularly given the god-like status afforded them, not that most adhere to that category, but some do.

     It is also much easier said than done, but sooner or later the dam's going to burst wide open.

     I figure that Antifa/B.L.M. have valid complaints, but implement wrong remedies, and against the wrong people (though civilian subsidiaries to L.E. and the D.O.J. play a role in injustice). I have to hand it to them, though, at least they have the gumption to do something about perceived wrongs. Concerning their mayors and governors, they should be arrested. (I added this 'note' after the first response. I made note of this in case he doesn't agree with this note's content).

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