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 So yesterday, i was kicked out of a gun rights group for posting the video i posted here, also yesterday. I thought the video itself was perfectly reasonable even if the title was somewhat "triggering lol". After all, Law enforcement has never been on great terms with gun rights activists, and DEFINITELY has had its fair share of kerfuffles with militias in the past. So it got me to thinking, can you truly be pro freedom and Unconditionally pro law enforcement at the same time? Or, is that some mainstream Orwellian double-think going on. What are your thoughts? What is your answer to the question, when is it okay to shoot a cop?


I had posted this in a different site where you could create polls, so im going to try to recreate it here. Whenever you want to answer, just pick a letter in your comment and explain your reasoning.


A: It is never acceptable to shoot a cop. period. 

B: The cop, individually, would have to do something morally evil, such as rape a young girl.

C The cop would have to recklessly put you or someone else's life in danger for no good reason

D: The cop would have to put you at risk while denying your or someone else's rights, such as gun confiscation or mass arrests of political dissidents

E: It is always acceptable to shoot cops. 

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