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I have 2 fears going on right now.

But allow me to begin with why these fears got started and most of all the justification of my fear. Now please do not misunderstand me. I love my country. I support law enforcement. I am for good government. But I will always have a certain distrust of government. I was taught that most people seeking power and fame should have neither.

Now granted all these incidents started out on the side of the law. However when the law does something criminal should you have complete blind faith in it ?

Back in 1985 I was 14 and I watched the Philadelphia Police Dept. Drop a satchel from a helicopter and destroy an entire city block 6221 Osage Avenue. This was because of political differences. Instead of waiting out the 4 suspects that had warrants they decided to kill them with a bomb.

That was the first time I had seen violence come from a government. It was eye opening.

Then we had Ruby ridge in 1992. The FBI sniper was never convicted for the murder of Randy Weavers 14 year old unarmed son or the murder of Randy's unarmed wife Vicky.

Another eye opening event.

Waco Texas 1993 That was a complete mess. the ATF opened fire first. You could see it on the news. then the aftermath was just as bad.

The left has been allowing rioters to have riots and attack the police.

The Left is supporting the killing of babies in the womb.

The left has always resorted to violence when they don't get their way

Civil war , Lincoln assassination, The KKK, Jim Crow Laws etc. etc.

Now the left is pushing for socialism and even communism.

The Nazi party did a lot of similar things that the left is pushing now

They control the media they promote propaganda.

The 2016 presidential election predictions should have shown that.

They are trying to control the education system to indoctrinate our children. I mean , common core math? what happened to common sense thinking? It wasn't common core math that put men on the moon.

Having riots because they want to scare political enemies.

Riots tearing up of businesses. By groups like ANTIFA or BLM.

Sounds like Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass ) performed by the nazi party's brown shirts in 1938.

The left renamed their brown shirts to Black Block of ANTIFA.

For gods sake you could go to antifa.com and see who they want. The same group that promotes the violence.
( Click on the above link it will be proof enough with your own eyes.)
Go ahead open a new window and type in the above link it will go straight to biden.
Hell it probably added it under this .

So just looking at history and seeing the world thru a clear lense of reality.

This is why I worry about the aftermath of election day.

What will they do win or lose?

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