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biden today watching him he looks sick or tired ?

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They could only keep him propped up with drugs for so long. They needed him to look sharp and on his game for the debates, and for the events he did around that time, so they feed him drugs. But now the backlash is setting in and he will get dramatically worse in short order. And they will have to keep him in the basement more and more. But first they will wring every last bit of his life and vitality out of him. 

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Come Tuesday he will have out lived his usefulness and they will toss him aside like yesterday’s newspaper. They have used him as a puppet in an attempt to destroy our country. Wish I could say I feel sorry for the old man, but he is getting just what he deserves. He is a traitor to our country and has violated every oath of office he has ever taken. Adios you communist bastard!

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“Saepius Exertis, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas”

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