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He May Not Be THE False Prophet, But...

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    This could very well be in 'Politics', as the activity shown in this video is a part of the one world order agenda.

     If you are Catholic, then you probably are aware that a number of Cardinals and Bishops are calling for the current Pipe's resignation or ouster, for good reason.

     Pastor Brad Houltas expounds on Pope Francis's exploits, which are an antithesis of the Holy Scriptures. Be forewarned that Houltas holds little back in this scathing, Old-Testament-prophet-style critique of Francis's stated views:


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I have been looking at the Vatican and the pope for quite some time and there are too many consistencies with some type of an evil regime coming. In my honest opinion I believe he is going to help to usher in the son of perdition. I truly believe that the pope is a very evil man. Somethings to pay attention to if you look at an aerial view of the new Vatican it’s the shape of a serpents head and once you are inside sitting at the back looking forward towards the altar, The two columns resemble the fangs of the snakes mouth. The simple wooden throne has the symbolic carving of boy lover on the back and the giant sculpture inside behind his throne is quite demonic and evil. I know this one’s reaching out there, but supposedly his red shoes are made of human skin. That’s a little far-fetched but I wouldn’t put too much past this guy. For someone who claims that there should be no walls he sure does enjoy living in his walled city. I forget what it’s called it’s in Latin there is some type of celebration that he is trying to bring an usher into existence and international/global day of worship but not of God or Jesus Christ but Gaia, which is another name for the earth in a pagan sense. Lodato si? There seems to be quite a number of biblical prophecies unfolding.

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“ It is easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them that they have been fooled” 

Mark Twain

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