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Could this entire Coronavirus pandemic be an intentional lie?  Is it even possible?

What if, (within this brochure), you were taught basic principles of biology that prove Covid-19 to be a massive fraud from a compromised government for a much larger and more terrifying agenda? Could you bring yourself to look inside?  Would you be able to believe it?  Or has your mind been systematically programmed to ridicule and dismiss what would clearly be a monstrous conspiracy?  The correct science and facts are right here and totally bullet proof.

What if you just so happened to be alive during a prophetic time in history and the future of humankind literally depended upon you, (the holder of this piece of paper), to read, learn, copy and share this vital information? How would you act?
Would you do your part for humanity, for yourself, or for your own children?  Yes, this is that serious.  And every single person alive is affected, including you!
Do such proclamations frighten you?
They ought to, which is exactly what the perpetrators of this Covid crime want so that you do not act on this information.  For truth, justice and humanity to prevail, you must rise above your fear and act NOW.  Do so by knowing, sharing and uniting.
Do such claims of systemic evil and purposed deception in our own government cause a Cognitive Dissonance within you?
Hopefully yes, because then your gut will realize something is terribly wrong here.

Cognitive Dissonance = mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting or contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. (i.e. Learning unsettling truth, such as this.)
Are you saying to yourself that there is no way such a fraud could be real or even carried out?  That too many people need to be involved?
Did you know that secret societies such as the Freemasons and Jesuits (who we are purposely never taught about in school) have over five million members world-wide, who have ascended to and thereafter have placed their fellow members in virtually every seat of societal power (media, business, science, politics, banking), who must then obey all upper commands given to them for a much larger plan?  At the highest degrees of membership, it is revealed that these societies actually serve Lucifer – who they hold as “god”.  This is the evil we are dealing with here.  These monsters now have so much control in all places that this highly intricate, long-planned Coronavirus fraud has thus been aggressively unfurled upon the masses as a pretext for a number of exceedingly malevolent purposes in the very near future – three of which are the destruction of the United States, massive population reduction and total enslavement of the rest, just as these very same (never taught about) Bolsheviks did to a thriving and free Russia 100 yrs ago. Both sides of government are owned and compromised and are (forced) in on the scam.  Everything is disgustingly scripted.  These criminals prevail by keeping us distracted, divided and fighting by and over complete nonsense.  Mask wearing has a big role as part of this end-game death ritual. After reading this, you will never wear a mask again.  Time to wake up, now!
But wait, aren’t people really getting sick and dying?  And how could any of this be feasible?  Read on to learn these answers and (maybe) live

*Disclaimer – Every bit of information within this urgent message is 100% true and accurate, (prepared by a Biochemist/M.D.) and will stand up to the most thorough and honest investigation.  Much effort and time has been put into this document for the reader to have accurate information and to attain a proper understanding of this very serious issue, to then be able to see this most difficult truth. The deliberate exploitation of the common man’s lack of knowledge in this area of science is how this Covid crime is being achieved.  Betrayal is not an easy emotion to initially deal with, so please prepare yourself for what you are about to read and learn. Be brave, get through it and make a difference. Inconvenient truth cannot be disregarded any longer because their plan is to literally kill you and your children.  So, please, do not ignore this paper!

The Basic Biological Proof and Truth of the Coronavirus Fraud 

1.  ‘Viruses’ are NOT even alive: The entire scientific community agrees that ‘viruses’ are not living entities and that their “infectious” deeds are “mysterious”, at best.  Yet, the acting “authority” has convinced an overly trusting populace, (unknowing of the true science), that something nonliving can actually invade and infect another living biologic organism.  In this case, Coronavirus upon humans.  Such a biological impossibility is no different than saying a rock can give you a cold or the flu.  THIS is how preposterous “viral theory” truly is, and why all we see is one contradiction after another from the “experts” concerning Covid-19 when the (supposed) settled science of virology is more than seventy years old.  Lies produce contradictions, not the truth.  Please take such notice, as this entire “pandemic” is a huge lie for much greater and very sinister purposes.

In order for any microorganism to cause disease, it simply must be alive, with specific anatomy (parts) and physiology (function of those parts) to form the distinct biological systems (neurological, respiratory, digestive, etc.) that are required for life.  With ‘viruses’, none of these internal systems exist.  Did you know that?  Does the news tell you any of this?  We might be shown cgi pictures of such ‘viral’ parts as the evil spike protein, but not much else.  This selective staging and dramatization is done on purpose to instill fear and to cover over there being little anatomy otherwise, and absolutely no physiology to any ‘virus’.  Therefore, no ‘virus’ is ever going to infect anyone.  Period! Contrastingly, a single cell bacteria or fungus has the functional anatomy and all necessary biologic systems to be able to both sustain itself, as well as invade its host for further survival.  Think strep throat for example.  This is a real infectious disease that requires precautions for exposure and for disinfectant procedures to be used.  Why?  Because bacteria are legitimately alive!  Being microscopic does not excuse a ‘virus’ (or any organism) from all that is required to be infectious and thus, harmful.  This is extremely important to get because the intentional exclusion of such a basic biological truth is being used against you.

Think of the following analogy for ‘viruses’ using an automobile engine as an example.  There are many parts to an engine (anatomy), including a central processing unit (neurological system), that must work in perfect concert with one another through multiple connections and indirect mechanisms, all of which contain built-in controls and feedbacks (physiology) to produce a desired result (a running engine with dispensable torque). The key to this whole process is that the engine must (first) be started and once it is running, it is essentially living. And that is the crucial point. The ignition has to be on and the engine alive in order to do what it is designed to do and for ANY of the desired outcomes to be possible.  When there are no moving parts, it is essentially dead.

How, then, does a ‘virus’ do any of its “infecting” when its biology is the equivalent of that car engine having its ignition turned off?  Answer:  It cannot!  Therefore, any reference to a ‘virus’ as a living entity that needs to be “killed” is a calculated lie that preys upon the common man’s lack of knowledge in this super-specific (but easy to understand) area of science.  If something is not alive, you do not have to worry about it attacking and infecting you, never mind having to cover your face and sterilizing every inert surface. Those in charge and who have total control over ALL narratives know that if they merely say it repeatedly, the public will believe it.  Don’t fall for it. 

2. Receptor – Ligand Impossibility: The “authority” tells us that Coronavirus binds to the ACE II cell surface receptor in order to dock to the cell and then dump its genetic and protein contents into the cell for replication and thus “infection” of the host.  The exploitation of knowledge here is the design and function of a cell surface receptor and the utter impossibility of any ‘virus’ being able to attach to it.  A cell surface receptor is nothing more than a highly complex lock mechanism that will only allow the binding of a perfectly matched protein (called a “ligand”), which essentially acts as a key to the lock.  This is not your simple six-pin lock but more along the lines of hundreds of pins that need to be perfectly aligned for successful opening.  And once the lock is activated, the result is an intracellular message to the nucleus of the cell for specific genes in the DNA to be transcribed into whatever protein is being called for.  THIS is what receptors do.  A cell surface receptor is not some door lock that then allows a harmful foreign entity to dump its toxic contents into the cell in order to infect the host.  This totally made-up “viral boogie-man”, that allegedly hijacks a host cell’s internal machinery, violates the most basic principles of biology, not to mention the self-preservation of any living organism.  
DNA is the cellular computer code that determines which of the twenty different amino acid building blocks are to be linked together in a very specific order to create thousands of unique protein chains.  These distinctive chains then fold on themselves (due to their varying charges) making what are called functional quaternary protein structures, which are then part of thousands of defined processes within the body.  In the case of a ligand protein, such a product becomes a highly complex key that will only fit one particular lock, which is the cell receptor for which the ligand is exclusively encoded and created.  If there is a single mutation (or mistake) in the DNA code (or anywhere along the entire process), there will not be the exact amino acid sequence required to make the specific (quaternary) key to then unlock the receptor.  The precision required for this process is so important to understand and could never ever be accomplished by some environmental pathogen.

Scientific computers at MIT have calculated the odds of a single functional 150 amino acid protein forming arbitrarily (or at random) in the environment as being one chance in 1 x 10164.  To put it another way, such an occurrence is statistically impossible no matter how much time is given.  And with the ACE II cell surface receptor (allegedly used by Coronavirus) being 805 amino acids long, the absolute statistical impossibility of this one particular (nonliving, mind you), environmental entity called a ‘virus’ possessing the precise DNA sequence for that receptor protein, proves this Covid-19 ‘viral’ fraud at a very basic biological level.  And to even claim that this or any (lifeless) ‘virus’ has the capacity to “mutate” into a more aggressive form is an even bigger mistruth.  Your own existential fear fuels this criminal government’s ability to succeed with this lie, with even worse ones to come.  Allow this proof to destroy that fear and empower you to rise up and act on difficult truth instead. 

3.  Asymptomatic Carrier of a Virulent Virus:  This is perhaps the most preposterous lie of this entire fraud but the most important to those perpetrating it.  Here’s why.  Covid-19 is described by the authority as a ‘virulent virus’, which means “extremely severe or harmful in its effects; bitterly hostile.”  Now, this is where you all have to think critically.  How does any infectious disease described as bitterly hostile remain dormant or under the radar in an asymptomatic individual for any length of time after contracting it?  Answer:  It cannot!  Here the entire world is locked down for a boogie-man virus that supposedly can kill you but you might not know you have it for upwards of two weeks.  Think.  Does this make any sense?  Of course it doesn’t.  Does this same authority teach you about the highly proficient immunological machinery used by the human body to protect itself from pathologic invasion?  Of course not.  Every portal of entry is guarded by multiple mechanisms of defense that are constantly seeking foreign entities to destroy.  Therefore, if any contagious disease is going to infect a human, there is only a very tiny window of opportunity to strike before the defense forces know and arrive to take care of business.  There is no way any infectious disease or foreign pathogen is going to be hanging out amongst the enemy troops for two weeks to then strike, if it feels like it.  This nonsense is essentially what we are being led to believe and why a mask must be worn.  Such “science” couldn’t be any more deceptive.  So stop with this quarantine and social distance baloney already.  Just ahead is the answer to this contention of a “building-up” period for Covid.  

4. No studies in existence that prove ‘Viral’ contagiousness: The “authorities” tell us that ‘viruses’ cause flu and other illnesses such as Covid-19, and that wearing masks will reduce the ‘droplet’ spread of this aggressive pathogen. (Um, try fogging your glasses for example!) Yet, are you aware that there is NOT ONE credible or legit scientific study anywhere in existence that proves a ‘virus’ to be contagious from one human to another?  Don’t you think this would be important to know?  In fact, in the late 70’s, the Boston Health Department officially attempted to infect hundreds of healthy individuals with those suffering from severe “flu” by using every conceivable avenue of exposure.  After hundreds of attempts, NOT ONE person ever got sick and no study since has ever disproved this massive truth concerning the ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of ‘viral’ infectivity.  You will see news reports and innumerable “experts” speaking to the ‘contagiousness’ of this disease but there is NEVER a single double-blind, double-bind gold-standard study from which they reference. TOTAL control of the mass media narrative is all evil men need to have in order to convince a people of any lie they so choose to foist.  If anyone were to simply ask Anthony Fauci, M.D. to provide the institutional study proving ‘viral’ infectivity, he would go pathetically silent. Their main goal is to create a scare and then compliance for even worse to come.  Submission is achieved by inducing the false belief that masks actually prevent ‘viral’ spread, while also being considerate to their fellow man.  The perpetrators exploit your own humanity against you by using fear, guilt and shame to induce compliance. In fact, wearing these masks accomplishes the exact opposite. What mask wearing does is sneakily undermine the functional ability of those very defense mechanisms we all have as part of our immune system, while causing both brain and heart damage below the radar. You want that?  How many demonstrations of oxygen levels falling below OSHA safety levels from wearing a mask or carbon dioxide reaching dangerously high levels, or vape smoke going through and around any mask are needed before you wise up for both yourself and your family to know for certain that this entire thing is a HUGE lie?

5. Exosomes: So, if ‘viruses’ do not exist as pathogens, then what is going on and why do so many scientists believe that they are legitimately investigating a harmful disease?  Answer Exosomes Exosomes are part of an incredible detoxification system within the human body that few doctors and scientists know about or apply because the information has largely been suppressed for a much larger agenda – the lie of ‘viruses’.  Exosomes are small lipid bubbles that sprout off of cell membranes with packaged garbage and debris (proteins, DNA/RNA fragments) from cellular damage caused by any number of external agents (bad food, tainted water, corrupted air, pesticides, medication, stress, age, lack of sleep, dirty electricity / EMF energy).  This process is constantly ongoing but if the body experiences an overload of biologic stress and cellular damage past a certain tipping point, a system wide detoxification process is then initiated.  The Exosomes that are produced have on their surface a ligand protein, created specifically to dock with certain cell surface receptors throughout the body to signal them to also undergo this auto-cleansing procedure as well.  This is a systemic exercise where these packaged vesicles of garbage are then pushed out of the body through every known portal of entry – namely, any mucus membrane and the skin, (as eruptions).  Hence, when this all occurs, the individual will have symptoms of what has been called the “flu” as they experience this detox process and the draining effect it has on their entire biologic system.  Most people can withstand and clear the excessive respiratory mucus but those with other illnesses have a difficult time and are at high risk for a secondary bacterial pneumonia, which is the main cause of death of anyone from the “flu”.   

…In addition to looking exactly like what a ‘virus’ has been described to look like, Exosomes also match every single behavior that science has seen with ‘viruses’, in addition to overcoming every known problem with viral theory, such as that which has thus far been taught to you in this document.  Simply put, ‘viruses’ are really Exosomes. Let us look at ‘viruses’ again, but with this new understanding. The reason why ‘viruses’ are not alive is because really being Exosomes, they are not independently living organisms unto themselves but a cellular messenger and solvent system for waste products.  The reason why ‘viruses’ are observed docking to the ACE II (or any other) receptor is because really being Exosomes, they have the matching ligand protein on their surface, (aka, the spike protein for Coronavirus), created from within and for the body to signal other cells to act in concert with the detoxification process, which then directs the cell to bud off its own Exosome solvent vesicles for waste export out.  The reason why ‘viruses’ have never been shown to be infectious is because really being Exosomes, they are part of an individual’s own metabolic process that does not spread to others any more than cancer would.  “Flu” clusters occur when multiple people experience a systemic Exosome reaction due to a shared causative agent for cellular damage, with EMF energy being the most hidden, dangerous and common.  ‘Viruses’ really being Exosomes also explains why one might develop “flu” but no other household or family members do. 
The reason why ‘viruses’ can allegedly lie dormant before becoming symptomatic in some people is really because of the nature of the Exosome process, which is always ongoing but not always reaching a tipping point for “flu” level symptoms to be experienced.  The reason why no ‘virus’ can ever really be completely isolated and why only fragments of DNA/RNA are what science uses to identify different strains of ‘viruses’ is because they are really Exosomes, where the genetic material being tested is always from the variety of damaged fragments packaged within these lipid transport vessels.  Yet, interestingly, some of these genetic scraps can be associated with the particular organ system undergoing the Exosome process, thus explaining DNA/RNA similarities found on testing.  Nevertheless, this inconsistent fragmentation of genetic material is also why there are so many strains always seen and why there is so much discrepancy with testing methods for ‘viruses’.  In summary, infectious ‘viruses’ do not exist and NEVER have.  They needed to be created in the minds of the masses for a much larger plan against mankind to become reality by evil men who now use the Covid lie inline with a (super secret) coming world event.

6. 5G and the Electrification of the Earth: This is where things get a little scary and where you need to be the most open minded and brave.  To be blunt, the Covid-19 scare is firstly about covering up the harmful biological effects of 5G, as it is being forcibly rolled-out and sold as this “great thing”. Yet, this is not just some incremental increase in communication speed.  5G is literally a military weapon with multiple advanced capabilities, one of which is to inflict major systemic injury upon humans at the cellular level by way of invisible millimeter microwave energy, specifically tuned to biologically destructive frequencies, while also disrupting oxygen usage by your body.  So, when the cell damage produced reaches a certain tipping point, that’s right, an Exosome reaction is initiated to purge the excessive debris from the system.  And viola, there is your “flu” (with identifiable ‘viral’ DNA/RNA fragments) and how hidden microwave energy can directly cause it.  The absolute fact of EMF energy being a leading factor in the development of “viruses” was officially proven in 2020 by a collaboration of several scientists in Italy, Russia and the U.S. and published in the J Biol Regul Homeost Agents, 2020 Jul 16;34(4). Entitled, “5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells”, the first sentence of their very telling abstract reads as follows: “In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatological cells acting like antennas, transferring to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.” Clearly, this smoking gun research blows the lid off the lie, which is why it had to be immediately taken down and retracted by the researchers and the scientific journal who published it.  In fact, upon proper examination of history, every single pandemic recorded for over 100 years is directly related to an uptick in the earth’s electrification.  In 1917, it was the introduction of radio waves into the air that was never before experienced by human biology, which then caused Exosome reactions to occur across the population, since the exposure was communal. See Arthur Firstenberg, “The Invisible Rainbow.  Wuhan, China was one of the first totally 5G cities, so when they turned it on, many people got suddenly sick with “flu”, but worse than usual.  THIS is because the microwave energy being used with 5G literally cooks the tissue, causing far greater injury to the most vulnerable cells, such as those in the lungs, digestive tract and organs. If desired, the power of 5G can be turned up to cause rapid death across a wide swath of the population, which means that under the guise of “more fun”, 5G is the ultimate Trojan Horse kill grid for a group of elite psychopaths who want the world for themselves. So, while everyone was on lockdown, this lethal technology was covertly installed in all schools and public places (2nd wave). And if one survives, the evil long-term plans and implications using radical 5G technology are beyond what can be detailed in this document.

7.  Vaccines: This is the biggest crime against humanity of all time.  Vaccine assault relies mainly on the people believing in ‘viruses’ in order to deceive them into taking the poison.  Vaccines completely defy how proper immunity is designed to be achieved and are intentionally loaded with toxic chemicals that induce immune system malfunction and an abundance of human disease for profit.  The coming vaccine, however, is like no other.  Advanced nano-techonology has been developed to induce deep biological changes at the DNA level that interface with 5G, making humans part of the “internet of things” and controllable by AI. This is the insane truth. They even put their plans right out in the open. 

8.Hiding something BIG:  They know a world-wide cataclysm is coming soon. Search Plasma Apocalypse now!


What to do? Masks and TV off now! Share this! Stop obeying those trying to kill you! These villains also know Jesus is (literally) on His way and the ONLY Power in the Universe capable of decisively defeating their evil and (eternally) saving anyone. Get on His team now, b/c this coming plasma cataclysm IS “The Day of the Lord.” ♥†


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To me this is all about big government control of all citizens life and for the government to keep the law adbing citizens in check . but from what I've read about government control of all citizens life this isn't supposed to happen government is supposed to have very little control of all citizens life

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