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Polymer tipped .223 ammo....it gets the job done

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I ended up buying some Fiocchi 40GR polymer tipped .223 ammo from one of the local gun stores because it was cheap and available. I have to say, I'm kinda pleasantly surprised with the results. It swiss cheesed 1/4" stainless steel targets at 75 yards. The other strikes on the target were from .22LR and it looks like the steel is dented, but it's just the coloring. They barely scuffed the surface.


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Lol, I mainly bought it for practice, and didn't expect it to penetrate the steel plates. Would it stand up to AR500? I seriously doubt it. At 100 yards it was digging in to the stainless, and leaving large dimples on the back, but not going all the way through. 

Would it suffice for a combat situation? Definitely not. Would it suffice for a home defense situation? I would have no problem using it

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