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MILITIA NEEDED-North olmsted/westlake OH areas

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I am looking for a militia to join in the areas listed above. Considering the election on pause and this going either way, I still think there will be chaos to follow either outcome.

Especially if Biden wins they will try to take our guns as soon as they can, but even if they don't do that, crazy looters and rioters are still going to be a threat to us and our families. Law abiding citizens who just want our safety need to stick together since the left clearly wants to also defund the police. I am a 24 year old female who has a home with my husband who is 25. We are young, but we know our rights and unfortunately everyone in the circle of people we know are not mentally equipped to handle the pressure of shit hitting the fan let alone prepared. We want to team up with good, strong minded, genuine american people. Please reach out to me if you are in these areas and seek a community of protection, so help us God we all need it. 

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Guest Timewhiledrunk

Hello, friend. I believe in our 2nd amendment rights. If the election goes to Biden after recounts and every legal route is taken, then I'd agree to defend our 2nd amendment rights. I also agree we need a community of people that everyone can rely on, regardless of outcome. 

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