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 A majority of Americans pissed off because they played by the rules all their lives. But today, they are  legitimately concerned about their freedoms and future because of the continuing coup. Fortunately they are MARKED so you can find them. You know where they live because they have TRUMP signs in their lawn. But they will not remain there for long, so take advantage of it.


1. Fill your car with your friends and small chits (paper) with MYMILITIA.COM printed on it, and whatever other information you want to include (I highly recommend stating your need for officers/NCOs)

2. Canvas neighborhoods. Knock on doors and tell them this is where we are meeting to organize. Give it to them straight. 

3. Build your organization at the county level. FAST. if you need a model, check out "The Project" I wrote to give you ideas.  I will have to modify it now because they terrain has changed. 

4. Put mymilitia.com on your signature line on EVERYTHING on social media. All your like-minded friends should get a personal invite.


Observations from the election:


1. This was massively engineered, and the left did it with the assumption they will not be brought to justice, as brazen as it was.

2. This is the last bloodless coup measure to be taken. There is nothing peaceful after this. Go find a history book. After this, it gets bloody because there is no where else to go if the courts fail.

3. You and your family now have 3 choices (if you see another option-- please let me know):


a. live with whatever decision the courts give-- and our track record is less to be desired-- so you will risk everything on the past performance of Chief Justice Roberts. That's a nice thought.

b. don't fight and surrender your wallet, your guns, freedom, and voice-- because after this.....it is gone, and there is no coming back. BTW, you will be identified and dealt with by the left....because that is how they roll.

c. screw everything else you have going on in your life, and get busy organizing to mass force as your new job. You may have 2 months.

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