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Well. I guess this small group has collapsed!! Such a shame that 1 person can destroy the possibility of forming a serious unit in LBBK. People become ill & have to miss a meeting!! It's called being human and to close an even small group - because you don't answer your phone is insanity, IMHO!! 😠


I am open to trying to organize a unit here in Lubbock. ANYONE interested in participating in this please contact me at the info listed below!! We MUST do something and now!! It may, already, be too late to do much of anything, if you haven't started a unit and started training. But, until the SHTF, I am willing to supply a place to meet so we can discuss our options. We must be able to defend Lubbock, should it come to that, in an organized way.


Please contact me (vchampagne AT gmail.com or 806-705-0842) if you are interested in meeting in Lbbk. I am willing to talk with anyone interested. But we must get the ball rolling......




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“The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows." 


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