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Mysterious absentee ballots showed up in Wisconsin around 3 am.  Just enough to push Biden over the edge.  Amazing, many are in their 100's in age, already deceases, did not show up to vote, you name it.


I would ask this question, what do you value more, your jobs, house, kids, wife, beer, cigarettes, or nation?  This takeover is brazen and in the open.  Some times there is no choice but force.  Everything I mentioned except the nation can be rebuilt, obtained, but if you loose the nation you will never get them back at this point.  I wrote a article in the Political Section giving the laws, and articles that gives you the rights.  This is a coup d'état in process and legal recourse must be given opportunity, however, we all know you can't let Biden into the White House, especially by fraud.  Yes, you come together, you do put up yourself and family for persecution, possibly even death, but, that was the requirement to even establish this country. 


Right now, every community needs to approve assembly of every man and, if this is done across the nation in every state, this is, "Showing the Flag".  Give this tell January, Trump usually has a, "Ace in the Hole", but, if people do not organize and call this out across the nation then you have aided and abet the overthrow of this country and deserve what you get when this puppet government is installed.  Above all, get on your knees and beg God for divine intervention.  I hope you all follow what is in that article, research and see for yourself what I wrote and if you lack the speaker to go before you at meetings, asserting your right to assemble at this point, I'll do it.  I am well versed in over 8000, years of recorded history, over 300 years of American History, U.S. Code, and I am a good orator, but, I don't have fear.  I understand, you either stand up to these people and call this, or, they will kill you.


Assembly is the first step, but, by January we will know and I think we all know, search inside, dig deep, this fraud can not be allowed and in no way can this man take the place of Trump.  Trump has been a champion, but, he has given many clues, you fix these things and only you can Unite and exercise your rights to self preservation, abolishing and/or reforming government.  The policy was, and is, United we Stand or Divided we fall, but above all, turn to God.  George Washington was clear in his farewell address about the divine providence of God, the evidence was clear, his men spoke of it, and unless there is a repentance and a turning to him, and God before you, there can be no victory.  


Begin acting by meeting and preparing in unison, show the flag, let this play out tell January and beg God for divine intervention, but January 1st, it's all or nothing.  Every route must be exhausted first.  Give opportunity, but prepare and do it correctly.  This is the last stand and opportunity to go on the offensive.  I hope each of you will dig deep and find the courage to not sign on to this and stand against this TOGETHER.  God Bless, we are all Amercians, one flag, one God, generous, compassionate and have given in to avoid the worse, well, at some point the giving must stop since there is no compromise.  


I will pray for you, pray for this nation and I hope I see everyone follow the recommendations posted in the political section.  I believe the best is yet to come.  I believe in the spirit of America and I expect to see it come out of every man, re-affirm my faith in you.



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