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Hey everyone here on MyMilitia. I'm Frank and been organizing with American Contingency's intelligence channels for a while. Made an account here after a buddy recommended it this summer but haven't posted yet. Just wanted to come here to offer some advice as we're here in this difficult time. 


It's really easy to get spun up over all of this that's happening right now. You've got to find a way to destress and avoid getting too mad or we might all get into some trouble. Go volunteer and help someone, be it a family member or an old lady across the street. Do something like take a walk or work in your garden to take your mind off of this. We're all here for each other, whether we are an Area Code Militia or an American Contingency group. Take good care of yourself and remember, it's called HALT

Don't get too:

  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely, or
  • Tired


I also want to recommend, and especially so since I'm working intel for AmCon and have been looking at BLM/leftist channels, that we all cool it a bit because all it takes is a few of us getting angry here for them to start discrediting our patriotic movement. Show some love, discuss first aid, and remember it's likely also being watched by everyone from the feds to the family down the street. 

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Just bumping this post to say right now is a good time to just chill, absorb what's going on, fact-check the intel we're seeing against multiple sources, and protect ourselves and our families. Good things come to those who wait.

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