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I broke this information last night and its confirmed!

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I've been overseas for a while, and I don't have the MFA/passwords for this site when I travel.  I came back asap after the election.   Anyway, what this gentleman says in the beginning of the video is correct.  There are members of the DHS/FBI/CIA/NSA who are split.  Interestingly enough people like myself who work in the field, and the ex-'unit' members who are contract members of civilian agencies are often moderate or right wing, and strongly patriotic.  The desk jocks in the homeland for some reason are growing more and more left wing.  We have to fight ourselves before we can get anything done, and sometimes we have to go around analysts and case workers who intentionally try and road block us with BS work and red herrings. 


I don't know anything about the ballot technology used, but it sounds plausible.  I would think the Secret Service would be in charge of creating those marks since they have all the tech and tooling for currency marking already.  A lesser known fact is that the post office has a photograph of every piece of mail that has been circulated.  In fact if you sign up for informed delivery, you can see all the pictures of your own mail.  If a mail in ballot was requested but not sent through the post, there is a higher chance of that ballot was requested by a fraudster who requests ballots by using death and genealogy databases and obituaries.  That fraudster would probably collect hundreds of these and have them ready to hand over to the corrupt poll workers in the event that a state would be lost to Republicans.  It makes no sense to do this if the state will be won by Democrats, which is why Wisconsin and Michigan and PA all three stopped counting at the same time on election night, they had the information they needed to, which is how many red votes Trump will statistically have at the end.   The Senate races also.  They got the signal that more ballots would be needed and those ballots would be hand delivered and NOT sent back through the post.


So all ballots that are counted, that did not arrive through the post (Hand delivered to poll sites) need to be segregated and reviewed for identity accuracy, signature, and to ensure the voter isn't dead.  I'd bet you'll find thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of them.  These ballot will be legitimate and have genuine markings but will be requested, basically, with identity fraud.  This is how 'the squad' gets elected and I know some people (not me) have been watching this stuff happen for a while, at least since 2016.  Trump's victory in 2016 was especially surprising because the process wasn't fully refined then, but they tried it.  It was refined in 2018.  It finally worked for the big race in 2020.


Omar and AOC need to be jailed for this.  I don't trust Spanberger either, and if I don't, you shouldn't.  She probably rode on the back of this fraud, but it should be proven.  

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Surprise fucking surprise.  Over a million absentee ballots requested by people with birthdays before 1955.  Granted there are many great respected elders and grandparents aged 65+  that voted in PA, but not over a million.



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