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Donald Trump has to much faith in our courts which has been compromised heavily.  


Be sure you Cite U.S. 18 S. 7311, 912, 5 covering violations of Oath which removes state and federal immunity and disqualifies that individual for life from serving in any uniformed or civil capacity.  These are crimes not suites thus bypassing any special dispensations in Congress, Senate, or the Judiciary and even the military.


Give reference to U.S. 18 S. 29 Political Election Fraud and Corruption, the implications are installing a puppet(fiat Government) which leads to U.S. 18 S. 2381


Request the insurrection act to buy time for filtering out these fraud ballots.  The above give authority for arrest because of removal of state and federal immunity.  Need a complete cleanup here.


Also, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protects anyone with PTSD, ANXIETY, COPD, or ASTMA, they must make mask exceptions or modifications.  Hospitals and Clinics with "Essential Service" status must comply.  If not, notify in writing the administrator of that facility, and if there is still no change, begin suites against them.  Using policy to exclude disabled people unable to wear masks is a crime when they receive Federal, State or Public Funds to treat all under U.S. Code and that should be prosecuted.  It is misuse of Federal, State and Public Funds.  I'd suggest the criminal route as suites can be extended and drawn out where as criminal complaints on these basis can include restitution, plus it cleans up those that don't with to comply with the law.


Be sure to pass this information to friends, family, others you know by email, phone calls, word of mouth.  



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