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Is there a list of alternatives to current commie social media platforms?

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Is there a list of alternatives to current commie social media platforms?
When I say Commie I mean the DNC and all its members and affiliates. 8-)

I've tried PARLER instead of Twitter which I'm about to be thrown off of for posting post election fraud proofs.
But the Security for PARLER is a Pain. 
Double Authorization Typing in Code Sent to your Phone EVERY Time you Log In!!  
Good Grief that's a pain in the ass!!


So I'm not too wild about PARLER as a substitute for Twitter.  

I'm already On MeWe since it's inception but we're only 9 Million..

We need to get Everyone that is a Patriot the Hell off of Facebook.

FACEBOOK has Disabled All my Personal and Business Accounts took down our businesses and disabled
an additional 5 other persons Accounts that were Admins on our 26 Websites. 

When our Wisconsin For President Trump site hit 140 New members A DAY!  BANG!  We were ALL GONE! 

So I am on MeWe with several other Patriots but we need more members!

Oh Ya.... our Business and Personal Instagram Accounts were just disabled Disabled!  
All Permanently!
AND on Google they Suspended one of our clients Business Accounts Because She Made me a
managing User for her business account on Google My Business Just because My Email came up!
Yup!  Google is tied to the Facebook, Twitter etc database and if your email is in something they don't
like they are going to fuck with YOU!

So fuck em'  We do our own thing.  But How?
I'd Like to Call A Green Bay Wisconsin Meeting at The Rite Place here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
If You're an Activist type of person and want to get together for a couple of drinks where we can
start talking about some of this Please Let me Know!

Thank You, J Morris


Brownell Answers.jpg

Wisconsins Black Robed Regiment intentionally builds coalitions with leaders from every ethnicity and denomination. It will not teach doctrine but the historical and Biblical role of the pastor/priest/rabbi.

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