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     Because of four people:    https://www.lollydaskal.com/leadership/story-everybody-somebody-anybody-nobody/


     Anybody within reasonable driving distance of South Whitley, In, who is willing to form at least a loose knit, informal, Patriotic group, give me a call or text at 260-568-3021, or email me at [email protected]

     We can at least orchestrate a watch group of.some magnitude.

     In order to not arouse suspicion we can call it 'The Cooking Club' or the 'Stitch.& Chatter Club'. Lol.

     Seriously, though, let's.do something, Goddamn. Been on this site for three years, have yet to meet a member in person, talked on the phone to Fixer once. Tired of all keyboard activity only, while the Left.all know each other. If you're Black, Mexican or Oriental, that's a big plus.

     The type of people I'm looking to join with, besides Constitutionally excessive, are the ones who, when some fed or cop says, 'you can't meet with each other', tells that cop or fed to 'go screw yourself!'.


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