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The problem with the polarization of the populace

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Both the extreme right and extreme left have evolved into two different neo-fascists groups, and in the end, the only thing that will come out on top of this volatile mixture is fascism itself.  Don't let yourself be divided against your fellow Americans. We don't want a world where everyone agrees.  We must all find new ways to argue against things we disagree with while not suppressing anyone else's opinions. You either believe in the bill of rights, or you are full of shit.  If you let ”the other side” set you off, then you have lost already. Keep calm. Make sure your voice is heard, and make sure everyone's voice can be heard. Especially the voices you disagree with. 

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The dialogue starts with you and with me. We need to be the ones to take the first step and take as many steps as needed.  I am against fascism and it is taking over our country on both the right and the left. 

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6 hours ago, MadAsHell said:

I am against fascism and it is taking over our country on both the right and the left. 

You can not win a war when you do not know who the enemy is.


This is not about right vs left, me vs them, or any variation other than GOOD vs EVIL. This is a spiritual war and a powerful spirit of lawlessness has taken hold. The days of dialogue are over. You can not compromise with evil. So trade in that dialogue for vigilance and become acquainted with the tactics of the enemy.


And remember..... against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Those domestic enemies are called Americans too. Be not deceived.





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I said nothing of compromising and you are part of the same lawless hypocrisy if you don’t also keep a door to diplomacy open. Talk should always be the first option. Then there are about 100 other options you could take, none of which compromise your beliefs but would possibly help to assuage the tensions.  It’s easy to give up when you are putting up a fight for so long but we are Americans. We can take a beating and turn it into strength. We are stronger together so the effort to unite the country is All our responsibility. 

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