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This Is What We Have Waiting For Us

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This has been proven beyond true....just look at the last 4 years of attacks...why wouldn't we take their words at face value or that their supporters are actually in favor of this....because its the policy position held when elected.

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She can be on her way, elsewhere.

     If she said that, then number one, she has dismissed herself from being a dignity. She has lowered her status to peon, and deserving of disdain by we the people.

     Number two, she has subjected herself to being investigated, merely by virtue of making such a tyrannical statement.

     Number three, the first moment that she puts into action that statement, she has subjected herself, and her co-conspirators, to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.

     She has a lot to learn, and learn she will. The first thing she will learn is that she is merely a human, and not God (just as George W. Bush learned). The second thing she will learn, is that she is a servant of the people, not the other way around. She will learn to respect the people and the Constitution, as well as learning that it is the Almighty who sets up (appoints or allows rulers, even despots, for HIS purpose, not theirs) and deposes them.

     I will research that, and will forward that information to the appropriate parties, both government and civilian. Feel free to send me info on that statement, to my message box here, or to my email, found on my website, listed on my profile.     

     I suggest everyone else do the same, to the official of your choice. Flood the Congress with complaints.  It is time those uppity pagans learn.

     Even more importantly, let people know about things like this who are true Bible believers, adherants to the only faith on the planet which countless governments and individuals have tried to destroy: Psalm 2:4.

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