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I wrote some content here a few months back about the importance of maintaining a misleading digital footprint of your ideologies online.  The first dominoes are falling that have emboldened big tech to -further- silence all media outlets with a right leaning slant, our rightful administration like Trump and his press secretary, and many more.  Simultaneously, elected officials like AOC are calling for lists.  Lists of employees, journalists, donators, and soon, all 70,601,968 Trump voters (as of 11/7).  If this trend which has played out so predictably in the past continues, Those 70.6 million names will be required to wear armbands, get tattoos, and live in appointed locations so they can be culled once the special showers are built.  I wish this were hyperbole, but they're literally evolving into the Third Reich before our eyes after spending years crying 'fascist' at the top of their lungs like it was an accusation.  Apparently, it was actually their political aspiration.


If you live in a city, get out.


If you're a trucker, you're extremely valuable and will be even moreso if the courts fail.  Democratic support is conveniently compressed into dense population areas and that is a massive advantage tactically.  Remember, these are the same idiots that couldn't even grow a garden in CHOP, they rely on blue collar workers, the majority of whom they're shitting on directly, to deliver their frozen pizzas, hot pockets and soy milk.  A civil war can be won by controlling the means of delivery alone in this country, and it can be won in weeks, and we can preserve the majority of our prepped ammo stocks and limit loss of life while doing it.


This is counter intuitive, but hear me out.  There is a sweet spot of opportunity after the courts fail and before big tech starts to collude openly to advertise 'individual dissenter' addresses to the BLM mob riots.  Once that happens they will bog you down by making you defend your property and family.  I encourage you to support the full defunding of police.  I know, it's crazy, but federal agencies rely heavily on local law enforcement for warrants, warrant execution, perimeters, 'local knowledge' when they're looking for someone, like, uh, someone who didn't vote Biden.  Defunding the police will save police lives, and allows patriots to operate unhindered to un-fuck this situation.  Unfortunately it's sort of a blue v blue situation if a neighbor calls the cops while, for example, someone were to 'gather information' directly from a low level pawn like Jim Kenney to get real proof of communication with Pelosi that he was ordered to count X number of ballots for Biden, where the ballots will be dropped, what time, etc.  This information exists right now, it will degrade over time because they will try and cover their tracks.  We're America and value freedoms, so warrants are required to legally liberate this information.  The democrat judges in Philly wont sign one, I promise you that.  There are people that can gather that info and expose these lizards for who they are, and they can do it tomorrow.  Defunding the police will make it easier, and safer for the police and patriots alike.


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that donor watch list is a joke. It’s not even a fraction of the people who contributed to trumps campaign. No ones building lists of civilian trump supporters for revenge, at least not at a commercial grade. The serious lists are all targeting the professionals who supported the campaign and that’s public knowledge anyways. That isn’t to say that some dork from the internet didn’t read something you posted and now wants to do XX you or track you down. Paranoid lately?

id be more worried about what you post on web sites and social media than if you contributed to Or supported trumps campaign.

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