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As of 7 Nov 2020- Best SITREP on Where We Are as a Nation

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This was so well done, I provide it here so that you can forward it to your family, friends and folks you want to recruit in. More importantly, we should be spending more time doing face to face recruiting as a regular part of our activities. Everyone knows it is coming. As quickly as Fox turned on us should tell us we have some lifestyle issues to change.


The left will run out of non-lethal options to keep from going to prison. There is no way DJT can ignore it, for the security of the Republic. So we are on a collision path. I do think the president is in grave danger.




For those of you in the battleground areas, all of those witnesses are going to need some protection. I am confident you can find their attorneys to render service. Perhaps share the load with the local Oath Keepers. Whatever.



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