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2 minutes ago, alligatoriceturkey said:

I'd like to think I made a knowledgeable decision to cancel my vasectomy that was
scheduled for today at 9:30 am. Before yesterday, my main source of vasectomy related information came from vasectomized friends and www.vasectomy.com. Both of those sources claimed how easy a vasectomy is and the fact that millions of men have had it done.

Then a few days ago, my neighbor mentioned how some men feel pain for extended periods of time after a vasectomy. How come I did not read anything of the sort? I visited the Google search site and typed in vasectomy + pain. Low and behold, www.dontfixit.org was returned as a match. I spent a good deal of time navigating your site and reading horror stories from vasectomized men.

During my pre-vasectomy consultation, why didn't my doctor mention possible post-vasectomy complications? In fact, prior to my consultation, I had done some research and realized that prostate cancer may be linked to vasectomies, so I mentioned it to my doctor. His response was quick and short by saying those claims are untrue.

Unfortunately, my scheduled appointment was well publicized throughout my circle of friends (including wives). My wife was extremely disappointed after I broke the news of my cancellation to her. Her response was "how come everyone else that has had it done is fine?" I'm already facing ridicule from friends and expect more of it in the next few days.

I'm really interested in long term studies and how vasectomies may be linked to other complications such as: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, kidney stones, etc. If the medical field is "sweeping these issues under the carpet" they need to be exposed. According to what I've read, a small percentage (2 - 3%) of vasectomized men encounter life-changing severe pain after a vasectomy. I think the numbers may be higher because men are not speaking out.

I commend you for creating an open forum where men can explain their vasectomy related experiences and providing an opposing view to the well accepted claim that vasectomies are an easy and safe birth control mechanism that millions of "happy" men have undergone. If you would, please reply to this email and attach the manuscript. I will read it and spread the word. Thanks so much.


THIS IS SO SCARY!!! I am so sorry you have had to go through this trauma. We cannot let the medical field continue to push important issues like this under the rug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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