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2nd Texas Irregular reporting for duty

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14 minutes ago, 2nd Texas Irregulars said:

New member here. Im a Texan,  combat veteran and patriot. Nothing special to say about me. I enjoy shooting bolt action rifles and riding my horses. Pleased to meet you all and look forward to getting to know you.

me 2 about bolt actions they still have there place even in a battlefield i got a 22lr and 2 308s and 2 2 30-06s

my next range report will be the mauser 30-06 an sears model 41



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13 minutes ago, 2nd Texas Irregulars said:

Thats awesome combination of cartridge choices! I shoot a 300 Win Mag and a 7mm Rem Mag as well.

I have one .308 also that was my father's rifle. Its hard to beat the .308 as a meat getter rifle.

you have a muzzle break on the 300 winmag ? i can barrly handle my mauser 30-06 recoil with out one age creeping up



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No sir no brake on the 300, its a model 70 Winchester Safari. I have a brake on the 7mm Rem. Its a custom built rifle and very light for packing in elk country but the recoil of the 7mn without a brake on a light rifle is vicious. The 300 is a kicker too but a fine long range weapon. 

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