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18 minutes ago, Lima echo echo said:

 Before we run out of time the 812 militia needs to train and prepare if the left steals the election. We can not sit back and watch this happen without a plan to survive and keep our liberties 

I have been tracking, for a while now, an under reported endeavor initiated by President Trumpthat aims to level the playing field, so that Americans can regain their financial power back and it deals heavily with what is called the QFS, or Quantum Financial System. The paper that DHS sent the states were watermarked with a QFS blockchain watermark. So, once all the evidence is gathered by the quantum computer recording where the votes were, are, etc, it will be proven in court and Trump wins. However, I do agree that training is needed, as the Left and Commies (and Chinese assets in Mexico, Canada, and here) will be mobilized.

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