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How to take the militia, proAmerican, and pro freedom movements to the next level.

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Isolated groups and people just cannot compete with organized well funded marxist organizations like blm/antifa. Currently pro American groups/or militias are relatively isolated and dont communicate or even know each other. In addition there are many americans not in militias, but who are pro American and pro freedom, but dont know how they can help fight for those issues. This isolation and lack of communication makes it hard for militias to deal with external funded organizations like blm/or antifa, because a single miltia does not have the numbers to successfully counter demonstrations by those oraganizations. 


To enhance the cooperation and community of proAmerican and pro freedom groups/individuals, I am proposing that regional and one national pro American gatherings/rallies be held. These gatherings should be held in large parks or fields and provide various events/competitions for individual shooters and groups. These gatherings should also provide room for cooking, camping, and merchants. The purpose of these gatherings is to get isolated groups(militias) and individuals together and allow them to meet in person and communicate face to face in a fun and pleasant enviroment. These events would also allow in person recruitment.


In summary I have proposed the establishment of annual get to gethers/gatherings at different regions within America. These gatherings should strengthen community and communication within the pro American movement.

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Well these rallies/gatherings should be held in states with laws that support gun owner rights.  Otherwise the events would be limited. IMO the biggest weakness of the pro American pro freedom causes is the isolation and lack of coordination between different groups and individuals. Would you trust your bacon to people you have not met?

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Hello folks;


I am working to organize a pro American & Freedom rally in Sturgis SD sometime this coming summer.  SD has favorable gun laws and large camping sites used to support a large biker rally. I am talking with local militias to get this going. Thats all for now.

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16 minutes ago, Rearaxle said:

I have stated in the past.  Using this forum for communication is folly.


If people would listen to the admins and set their groups up the way we tell them they should be setup then their comms are as secure as you'll find without paying for it. Setting the groups (miltias) to closed or even private keeps non-members from being able to read topics of discussion. On request an Admin will do a security review of a group with the owners.  This works, and it is working now.  The other thing is people need to really think about what they post in the wild (where everyone can see it). I see a LOT of posting that just hands out personal info willy nilly. Save that for closed groups. 


Now you complain about people not reaching out to you. Have you posted in your area that you are looking for a group to work with? A quick scan of your profile shows you haven't. This is exactly the reason LFR posts this on all new member intros, PMs it to new members, and it goes out in an email:


On 4/25/2020 at 2:08 PM, LetFreedomRing said:

WELCOME!  Check the state militia forums link on the landing page for your state, area code militia link  or tab and click on the Map tab to find people near you to connect with. 







Very few people actually take the time to actively hunt for members.  It's been said before - you get out of this what you put into it.


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