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Practicing good PERSEC at MyMilitia


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Looking over the posts and database I am seeing a lot of Personal Identifying Information (PII) that is posted by members. Not really a wise thing to do in the current political and social environment.  Like every other site we do get trolls, so some commonsense measures on members parts is a good idea. Things like:

1. Never post any kind of PII in the forum. The forums do get crawled by search engines. Things like telephone numbers and primary email addresses should not be posted in the clear. If you need another member to have it send it to them via private message.


2. Adopt a unique nickname/handle/nom-de-guerre for use here and only here.  If you cannot change your username contact one of the admins, we'll help.


3. Setup a protonmail.ch address for the site using that nick and only use it for MyMilitia. Normal members cannot see an email address but if your gmail account is hacked and you have emails from other members it's a liability for you and them.


4. Set your address (if you have it on the site) to a local big business such as your local Wal-Mart. If someone gets it and searches for it it's going to be buried under a ton of sponsored search results and leads to nowhere, but still lets other members know which area you are in.


5. If you are going to conduct a meeting or training in person then it's advisable to coordinate the actual time and location via group private message instead of out in the open on a forum. Militia owners: You should have your militia set to closed. That will allow people to apply but until they join they will not be able to see the member posts in the discussion area. If you need assistance changing this get with an admin.


A little security culture goes a long way. Some commonsense practices will help protect you, your family, and your fellow patriots.



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