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Man Allegedly Posted Threats to Kill Democrats, Protesters and Police

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Staten Island Man Allegedly Posted Online Threats to Kill Democrats, Protesters and Police


A Staten Island man has been charged with making threats to "blow away" those who celebrated the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden, and to "exterminate" Democrats and their families, court papers allege.

Brian Maiorana was charged Tuesday in a federal complaint with threatening to kill — or ordering others on social media to kill — protesters, Democrats, politicians and law enforcement members, according to papers filed by the Eastern District of New York. He allegedly targeted politicians such as New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, law enforcement officials said.


Story continues HERE

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That is the guy that had a brief membership here that got the boot with a swiftness for calling for violence (a violation of the site rules and guidelines).  Make no mistake - we do not tolerate calls for violence in any way, shape, or form and that kind of activity gets people seen to the door quickly.

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