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Hello, everyone. To introduce myself I'm a recent graduate of UT Dallas. I've lived in Texas my whole life, and been to a few states such as Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.My interests are in organic farming/gardening, cooking/baking organic foods, holistic health, traveling, geography welding, woodworking, rural living, etc. Now, what brings me here is since I'm into holistic health, and a subscriber of NaturalNews newsletters, whom Mike Adams advocates preparedness, suggests to move into a rural area, to avoid all the chaos from civil unrest. 


Now my question is would any of you suggest to get a License to Carry gun? I'm not so sure if I should get one because I've read somewhere that the fingerprinting is done digitally, thus it goes to the FBI database. From what I understand it's the same way for people who register for this Pre TSA program, whenever they go to any airport they avoid long waiting lines, and don't have to remove their shoes and not have to go through those body scanners, under the condition that they have there fingerprints sent to the FBI database. I see this as a way of people having their rights eroded, ever since the aftermath of September 11, 2001 attacks. The thing is that government including the FBI can abuse their power against citizens.


So has it been this way prior to September 11, 2001 here in Texas, in order to obtain a LTC your fingerprints would be sent to the FBI database?

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Congratulations on completing your degree!  Your fingerprints collected in regards to the CCL (Concealed Carry License) are submitted to the State of Texas (DPS) for inclusion in their database as part of the requirements to qualify for the license.  Interestingly enough, you do not have to submit fingerprints for a US Passport. unless you get the TSA as you noted in your post.    I understand your concern about giving the government your prints given the loss of faith in the FBI and other enforcement agencies.  Furthermore, if you have a 2nd Amendment right to self-defense, then why do you even need a license to begin with?  Bottom line is that until Constitutional Carry is established in Texas, then the pathway to a CCL requires that you submit your prints.  The Texas database is shared with the FBI and has been for a long while.  As far as the decision to obtain the CCL, it would behoove you to do so.  Also, as you are a recent graduate, I would encourage you to take an additional step to take advantage of being young and educated and join either a branch of the military or the National Guard..  It is a solid foundation to build upon and you won't regret the decision.  Just my 2cents.  Good luck to you and again congratulations.


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