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A Plan for Megatron (but not just for Megatron)

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Part I: The Objective

Any plan that I post here is automatically doomed to fail, if for no other reason than because this site is so heavily infiltrated that it will be countered automatically.

The reason the left is so effective in their propaganda is because they have mastered the technique of hiding their true objectives. You can’t tell me that a group of people who riot and destroy black owned businesses as well as white owned businesses give a damn about “Black Lives”. You can’t tell me that a group of people who assault and assassinate police officers care about justice being done, or that the same group of people actually care about racial equality when that equality doesn’t also include being responsible for your actions.

So, I think we can all agree that the left has hidden objectives. Their actions do not match up with their words.

The purpose to any plan is to achieve a goal, and this is where I think we start to fall apart as a group. My personal goal is personal freedom. Not just for myself, but for everyone. Others have a different goal; “Save the Republic!” “Destroy the Left” “Protect our 2A rights!” etc, but then they went and voted for Trump. Fun fact: Trump signed more gun restrictions into law than Obama did. Here’s another fun fact: Trump signed legislation that nationalized our latest 5G network. Not exactly the actions of a capitalist, Republican, hero.

So, the fact is, is that our goals are different. Our Founding Fathers were a contentious lot and didn’t all agree with one another, but they were able to scale back their personal goals in favor of finding common ground and using that common ground as their goal. That goal was freedom from British rule and the ability for our fledgling country to makes it own way.

Our objective, ladies and gentlemen, is freedom. Freedom from both the tyranny of the Left AND Right. All rights are tied together, and when we give the government the right to legislate who you can marry, or what substances you can put in your body, then you also give them the right to legislate what weapons you can have, how you can worship, or what you can say.

National mask mandates and lockdowns shouldn’t even be a possibility in a free country, and yet it’s being done in both Red and Blue states.

So, the objective of our plan is freedom. All in favor say “Aye”


Part II: Reality check

To achieve this freedom we need to take stock of our situation and come to a few conclusions. That means it’s reality check time.


1)Reality check: We’ve already lost. We were out manouvered, we allowed our enemy to control the dialogue, and to control the tempo of the battle while most of us didn’t even realize we were at war. We kept waiting for the government to cross some imaginary line in the sand, such as declaring martial law, or mass gun confiscation, meanwhile they militarized our local police forces and made you so afraid of losing your guns that you became afraid to use them. Even on this site, your ideological safespace, if you give a call to arms and advocate the use of violence, you’ll be booted. You have weapons, but you can’t use them, so your weapons have been nullified. Stalemate.


2) Reality check: You can’t continue to be a “militia”. Between right-wing nut jobs such as McVeigh, and a few others, and the control of the media by the left wing, the term “militia” is pretty much fucked and the longer we hold on to it, the further behind we will get in the public relations, aka propaganda, department. Not to mention which, the legality of the militia rests on our various states governments, which pretty much ignores our existence unless they need an easy scapegoat to blame something on, or a few arrests to show how they are combating those alt-right nut cases.

3) Reality check: The police, military, government are not your friends. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them may sympathize with you, and more than a few would take your side if the violence ever starts and battle lines ever get declared, but at this time it’s a cold war. And we’re losing. Nobody wants to be on the losing side, especially if you have a nice job, a family, a salary, etc. These people swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US as well as the Constitution and laws of their various states. The courts decide whats constitutional, not us. That’s why were in this situation, and those various government agencies, especially the police, will be the first contact you have with the government the moment someone in the Judicial branch declares that something is no longer protected by the Constitution.


Those are your reality checks. All that agree, say “aye”


Part III: Action


1) Pick a cause.

When I say “Pick a cause” it should be a social cause that has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, or even a right wing cause, such as religion. Pick something deeper, such as domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, human trafficking, policing the police, homelessness etc. For too long the various left wing groups has made it seem like the right wing doesn’t really care about any of that even though a lot of us might do stuff through our various churches. Donating money to the churches and organizations is not enough, you have to get your hands dirty, and even more importantly you have to be seen getting your hands dirty. You have to show that this cause means more to the “right” than to the left and that your doing it because of your right wing beliefs.


2)Use your cause to practice.

About a decade ago I ran a non-profit organization that provided no-cost bodyguard services to victims of domestic violence. To provide the best service we could to these women I trained people to do surveillance, firearms, handcuffs, small unit tactics, etc. We also trained in de-escalation, and the legalities of the use of force under different circumstances. We also helped out our local PD by providing surveillance on some human trafficking investigations.


3) Make lots of noise!

Like I said earlier, you can’t just do it, you have to be seen doing it. A lot of the major city police departments are run by left-wingers. Either they are corrupt, or they aren’t. If you’re in a crime ridden area and the police aren’t doing anything about it, it’s a pretty good chance that they are. Video document the problems, and then formulate a solution, think Guardian Angels, then document how the police stand in your way. A number of studies show that volunteer community patrols significantly reduce crime. If the police have a problem with your cause, and depending on the jurisdiction they very well might, then start asking why they are afraid of citizen participation in their communities.


Anyways, that’s just the beginning of a plan. Use it at your convenience.

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1 hour ago, SonofLiberty said:

This website to me is more of a "Green Dragon Tavern" than a "Militia" website in my opinion


To be fair it's in two parts, unless I'm missing one. The forum (where you will see a large increase of average Joe's here shortly who I'm geared toward) and the networking portion where official business takes place.



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The main purpose of the plan is to give the the various groups a legitimate function in society beyond rattling their swords and screaming 'Merica! Most importantly it gives them a reason to use those swords in a legitimate attempt to serve their community...and in the process justifies that the purpose and wisdom of the 2nd Amendment goes beyond going to the range a couple times a month. Imagine a society that was largely free of crime because of armed patrols blanketing high crime areas. NOT with the purpose of shooting criminals, that delves more into vigilantism, but for being eyes and ears in a community that needs more eyes and ears. There will never be enough police to stop all the crime, but acting as a force enhancer the various groups can, and should, do exactly that.

Of course the media will try to paint your groups as vigilantes, but because you know that you can get ahead of the media by showing in-depth coverage of your training procedures and patrols. You can't just make a difference, you have to show HOW you're making a difference. Only after that will you get the chance to explain WHY you're making a difference...and be taken seriously. Each patrol you send out is an opportunity to explain why America is the greatest nation on Earth and why it needs to be left alone by the left. Every person whose property and person you prevent some form of injury to is a willing and grateful listener.


Before we can do anything we need to change the direction of the dialogue and take it back from the Left.

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