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I joined here recently and am still trying to figure out of its the right place for me. I’m a libertarian and not as hardcore conservative as a lot of people here but value the traditional American family and consider myself a Patriot.

I’m not happy that lots of people my age are rejecting capitalism (and adult responsibility) and acting like  communism is a viable option.  I also don’t like my generation’s victim mentality and that everything is considered a micro aggression now.  It’s bizarre that the people embracing communism are the types of people the commies would have eliminated. 

Other things about me: been married to my husband 15 years - we have four kids.  I’m an RN but left side to be a SAHM.  I guess I’m a grown up tomboy, I love guns like everyone here probably does.  My fav is my M&P15 and I want my next gun to be something that eats Russian ammo. 

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