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Trump takes another 20 electoral votes!

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This victory is huge, in any number of ways (not the least being that now the chances of election fraud issues reaching the Supreme Court have grown exponentially), but it's a far cry from actual victory, and it certainly isn't "winning 20 electoral votes". There is much to be done before that can be claimed, all of which may take quite a long time.


From the ground in Pennsylvania, though, I'll say this--Joe Biden got CLOBBERED here. We all know already that the media is lying (as are the vote counters in PA), but I'm just reiterating for the sake of posterity that it wasn't even close. Turnout in "Trump areas" was historic, while turnout in Biden areas was anemic. All the (legal) mail-in ballots in the world won't make up that difference. Trump won Pennsylvania by a million votes--I'd guarantee it.


When the press discourages you with their lies and the enormity of the fraud throws a wet blanket on your day, remember the truth. Simply knowing what's real doesn't "fix" the problem, but it will definitely help you with pushback when the Left insists that you fall in line and it will positively help you to sleep at night. If you are a person of faith and you believe that the truth will prevail, you have nothing to worry about; you need only be patient.


And if you are, like me, simply someone who knows what he knows and also knows that what goes around comes around--rest easy in the knowledge that the "coming around" is going to be glorious.

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