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Shocking absolutely no one, a hit piece by Rolling Stone

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The link above shows us another example of fine American journalism.


I'm kidding, of course; it's Rolling Stone, so this is precisely the kind of moronic hit-piece you'd expect. Isn't it telling that they paint the "gathering of armed people"--which is completely legal, moral, and constitutionally protected--as something sinister and horrible, while in the same breath treating the DDoS "challenge" of the article's heroine, Talia Lavin--which is NOT legal, violates the Terms of Service of the site where the effort was organized, and is by definition fascist (the willful quelling of speech Lavin doesn't agree with)--as some sort of heroic behavior?


Welcome to how the Loony Left thinks. Sadly, this kind of *cough* "journalism" is the norm today, one of those "you can't make this shit up" things that defies logic and even makes the great cynics among us shake our heads.


This sort of "journalism" obviously lacks any ethical basis and is borderline illegal. Of course nothing will be done about it; those tasked with enforcing the laws of the land will persecute people on the Right for expressing frustration at a clearly-fraudulent election, while allowing the other side--many of whom are literally calling for the making of lists for "punishment" of people who supported the President of the United States--to completely skate on their many real crimes. Case-in-point Portland, Oregon, where rioters, looters, and assault-committers are routinely arrested over and over again but never actually brought to account. These same rioters can gather in the streets by the thousands, but Jews in New York get fined for holding small services to honor their religious beliefs.


Yeah, it's just like that in America today.


Will the editors or publishers of Rolling Stone do anything about the contribution to this lawlessness that articles like this make? Of course they won't; journalistic integrity in this country is dead, and the stench from that rotting corpse sadly pervades the offices of the people who are supposed to insist on and protect it.


So be it. Let them make their lists, run their hit pieces, DDoS their little fingers off, and doxx (which this article also tacitly does, while Lavin does it quite openly) to their hearts' content. They'll have some negative effect for awhile, as they have--but they'll also show America who the true fascists are. In fact, they already have; the Red Wave we just witnessed (which includes Donald Trump winning by a landslide) was real, prompted in great measure by the "defund the police" nonsense these people were pushing. The massive election fraud can attempt to hide the facts, but reality remains--Americans don't want what these people are selling. We aren't being duped by them or their Rolling Stone-like sycophants any longer. The only aim they're achieving with their actions is to grow the pissed-off population. In a backhanded way, they're making America a place full of Patriots again.


They are, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a gift that keeps on giving. We should thank them.


And perhaps I will, just as soon as I'm done telling them to kiss my "right-wing extremist" American ass.

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