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Vietnam Vets Running Machine Guns (first time since Vietnam)

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1 hour ago, Wolfenstein said:

If this doesn't inspire you, you're dead inside already.

Can't play video, eats up my data. I can imagine the fun he's having. I carried that pig for two years in the mid 80's. Out at NTC they gave me 1200 rounds for night fire by the time it was over I had 75 rounds left and two smoking hot barrels. What a blast. He's missing the bipod.

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Yep, the bi-pod is missing which allowed the 'gunner' to lay prone on the ground.  The ammo bearer  and the assistant gunner each carried an extra barrel and an asbestos glove to change the barrel out when it got really hot.  This was a great weapon-7.62x51-308.


82nd Airborne-Vietnam 1968-69

Company Commander's Radio Operator

505th Parachute Infantry Regiment

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9 hours ago, Carl H Bludau said:

In the 82nd in Vietnam we burned up lots of barrels but never the action.



The first one I carried was worn out. Fired live rounds but didn't like blanks. Went to armory one day to draw weapons and the armorer was smiling as he handed me a brand new one out of the box. It was like getting a Christmas present. At the range made it even better.

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10 minutes ago, Carl H Bludau said:

we didn't fire blanks in the jungle!



I hated them. They fouled up the gas ports and everything else. Before firing them I would soak that pig with oil so the carbon wouldn't stick as easy.

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