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How will we fare in a war against Iran?

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I’m curious, what you guys think, we go to war against Iran, maybe the cause is irrelevant, maybe not. I assume if we go to war, it’s going to be pretty damn serious.


The United States has not been to war against an advanced industrialized country for 60 or 70 years. Not to mention, Iran is larger than the combined size of Western Europe. 

Iranians also are not 5‘2“, 81 IQ Arabs. They are 6‘2“, 107 IQ white people, mostly to speak of. 

Take their supreme leader, a 6‘5“ white man with blue eyes. Also, more than 80% of stars in the sky have Persian names (look it up), they are literally the civilization that named the stars. They have a long history of science, and a long history of not being conquered. 


Iranians have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of cruise missiles, sure if we can disrupt or disable 97-98% of those, the remaining 2-3% will still be in the thousands. That’s not even including the 95 million people in Iran who are armed to the teeth with Kalashnikovs, and don’t even really care about Islam, they care about Iran, their land, the “Land of the Aryans”.  

Sure, we might be able to overcome their air offensives... for a time. 

But what happens once we put boots on the ground? And 2/3 of the country is extremely high mountains, and experiences horrible blizzards for many months throughout the year.  

#unpopularopinion , but I think the Iranians will hand our asses to us. 

Y’all’s thoughts???

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