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US army seized DOMINION backup servers in Germany?

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2 minutes ago, Highlander 401 said:

Infowars connected the dots between Dominion and China. Good article. They have already deleted all the evidence on the machines but I hope they missed something and get caught. States are certified and about to pick electors. They better find something more than just eyewitness testimony otherwise Trump loses. The fraud was hidden very well on mail ballots and vote switching. There is no telling how many ballots were edited or trashed.

Maybe from now on Americans will demand that all vote counting and transportation be filmed and live-streamed. Anyone that doesn't want to film an election process is corrupt. 


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14 minutes ago, Highlander 401 said:


2 minutes ago, Highlander 401 said:

Yeah the China story’s been circulating for a couple days. The server wipes were after a court order. I’m fairly certain that the eyewitness testimony provided at numerous hearings today is enough to stall the electors.




Yep me too

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