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     There is a key piece of evidence, among many, that the Bible was Divinely inspired, provided by science.

     Scientists have discovered.that there was light before the sun or stars were created (Genesis 1:3). Yet, that light cannot, and never could, be seen with the naked eye or even with a telescope. Ref.  https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/science-uncovers-the-origin-of-the-first-light-in-the-universe-8a985cb5f02b

     Therefore, there is only one way by which the writer of Genesis, probably Moses, could have known, 5,000 years ago, that there was light before the sun, moon and stars.

     I don't believe in evolution, as such, but according to how Genesis reads, some plants and animals may have evolved. Man, homo sapiens sapiens, was specially created, I believe. 

     There appears to be two accounts of human creation, so one could be the Neanderthal.

     The Hebrew word for day means a span of time, so I believe that Creation was over millions of years, initiated by God. Science, geology and archeology support that, the Flood, and the Exodus, as well as many other things in the Bible.

     When God created the elements, beginning Creation, it may well have caused a huge explosion. I wasn't there, so I don't know. But science says there was, which started, not completed, Creation.

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