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update war looks like the Armenians got there asses handed to them

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the drones kick there asses


//Driving the news: On Tuesday, Armenia accepted a cease-fire with its neighbor Azerbaijan to bring a hopeful end to their brief war over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh.

  • Azerbaijan dominated the conflict in part thanks to the ability of its fleets of cheap, armed drones to destroy Armenia's tanks, in what military analyst Malcolm Davis called a "potential game-changer for land warfare."

An even bigger game-changer would be if such armed drones were made fully autonomous, but for the foreseeable future such fears of "slaughterbots

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heres the drones they used



Azerbaijan has been using a number of weapons systems from both Turkey and Israel, including the Israeli Harop images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR42Wg-lFjqE9YljZmfYm7(seen in this Azerbaijani pop music video) and Orbiter-1k drones.



Both are "loitering munitions"—i.e., drones that carry warheads and crash into their targets.

But the star of many of Azerbaijan's drone snuff films is

Turkey's Bayraktar TB2


unmanned combat air vehicle, Turkey's counterpart to the General Atomics Reaper used by the United States. The TB2 carries the UMTAS antitank missile—//

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