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Would Joe Biden Go to War to Stop a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan?

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humm since that might just come about in a year or so china wants to crush that capitalist island a thorn in there side for 50 years now,  as biden is there shill maybe,as they can make that move knowing he can give a hoot about  Taiwan and maybe he was paid off by china 


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China’s ‘aircraft-carrier killer’ missiles successfully hit target ship in South China Sea, PLA insider reveals


  • DF-26B and DF-21D missiles launched in August struck moving vessel close to Paracel Islands, former senior colonel Wang Xiangsui says
  • ‘This is a warning to the US, asking it not to take any military risk,’ he says//
  • To hit a moving object is not an easy task, especially for ballistic missiles, which normally hit a stationary target,” he said. “The mission shows Chinese missiles are a real deterrent against US warships.”//
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