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Time truly feels as if we are looking at the final stages of the life, as we have known it.


I have never felt free but I have felt as if I had freedoms.   Translation:  A completely free individual could not be made to pay for atrocities (wars, abortions, funding our enemies-shout out to the Bush and Obama Administrations for the last one).  I have had no choice in this matter because I have worked for others who withdraw monies from the pay I received and sent this to the government.  I fully understand that I made the choice to go into a scientific discipline, one that would require me to work for others (corporate and academic).  I fully understand that government is generally corrupt, not the idea of government but those who choose to rule under the disguise of service.


I will never deny that I anxiously await the arrival of the RAPTURE, finally, Freedom from the chains of the flesh (to my brother and sisters in Jesus Christ, you will understand this statement).


I do feel personally responsible for the rise of the Corporate control over us.  I purchased the products from companies that supported the Democrats and Republicans.

I contributed to the rise of the Hollywood elitist by going to the movie theaters.


To all of my brother and sisters (both military and patriotic), I am sorry for my laziness.





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