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Ohioians need to stand up for ur rights

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I believe there are dark days ahead for us state by state each governor seems to be in a contest to outdo each other on what they can oppose toward the free people that live there. Here in ohio were seeing a tyrant named Adolf- mike dewine make laws and orders thats directly infringing on are constitutional rights as he gives speeches on cnn about how hes gonna fix the virus in ohio.  No sir what hes doing is setting is socialist plan see how much bullshit the people will tolerate  were gonna see this more and more state by state all across the country ending with the last and final socialst agenda biden/harris were first thing in office will immediately come after are weapons  bad times are near each and everyone of us are witnessing the end of freedom as we no it   

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Yep. Correct. And yes, we're in trouble here in the formerly semi-free state of Ohio. And the few of us who are willing to resist can't do much with our low numbers. I see more sheeping every day. Compliant, willing slaves way outnumber us. It's sad that people can so easily be controlled by the media and Government. Part of it is out of fear. And part of it is due to conditioning. Well, being in the minority or not, I won't comply with unconstitutional mandates.


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