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This is all the fruition warned about in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

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Granted the pseudo scientific analogies and badly-defined equations made this work look like another conspiracy theory, but I think it was supposed to attract debunkers the same way the CIA deliberately obfuscated the fact that we're towards the end of a catastrophic pole flip.


Then events today are the end game, and communism is another distraction.

The globalists don't really care if the politics looks fascist or communist, as long as it distracts the people, keeps them from understanding and keeps them divided instead of supporting each other.


Paul Watson outlines the agenda per Schwab


The link to the reference that fleshes out the agenda based on Scwhab's books



None of this is a secret. We've known since the 1950s when the SWFQWs article called the citizenry cattle to be farmed for the elites. Since Kissinger called everyone "useless eaters". That's how well done the game is and how they display that the ones who notice this insane attack on common decency and freedom can't do a thing about it.

Trump appeared to slow it down, maybe? Does it matter in the end - he still couldn't stop the coof that was a major part of the "reset" aka NWO implementation. The illusion of choice is what's keeping people from being aware of the reasons and the unelected despots ruining our countries for thier greed. The war has been on since the 1950s, the left-right civil divide is just making the real enemy win faster.

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