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In a brass, and obvious move, the Democrats have moved to certify the votes before Decembers safe harbor dates on Thursday, 19th of November in a move to steal the state.  In just a small county, over 2500 votes were found fraudulent.  It has been proven, the Dominion software is designed to steal elections.  Georgia used this Dominion Software and individuals, yet to be released publicly, showed the way the software is entered and votes can be altered.  There was entry in the software and votes were taken.  China is involved and bragging about taking over the country.  Any militias in Georgia, immediately, need to assemble and show at the state Capital's legislature building and demand a emergency session to block the attempted move.  Show peacefully, but do what you do, show with arms and assert the right to bear arms just like Virginia.  The Democratic Party has put in judges all thru the U.S. at the supreme courts who are corrupt and are compromised.


In Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled it did not matter that republicans were not allowed to view the votes.  The supreme court in the past ruled that states have the individual right to their vote system with no federal involvement.  Do not expect relief from the Federal Supreme Court.  If Chief Justice Roberts refuses to take on this massive election case, then all must demand his impeachment.  


Realize, they want American's killing each other.  They wish to break up the states so we are absorbed by this 'Great Reset' or 'New World Order'.  These are horrible, pedophile, lunatics.  They don't just want communism, they desire something worse then communism, worse then Orwell, this would leave Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Napolean, Alexander the Great, Ghangis Kahn orgasm in their wildest authoritarian dreams.  This is Fascism, Communism, Socialism, and some sick crap that no other culture in history, Pedophilia, has even allowed.  You either start showing up at your Capitals Legislatures, demanding fair and impartial elections, demand the legislatures refuse certifying the elections until all votes are counted.  Once certified, you will get no relief from the Supreme Court of the United States.

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