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Welcome, Beerman309. Been quiet on this forum. The only one I see on this forum is Dav. He's in Cruces area. He led a meet up about 6 months or so. I've been pounding the ground over here in Alamo challenging the whole plandemic thing. A few of us spreading the truth about the whole planned global control thing. Not many people listening! Sort of like this forum, not many doing anything. Most have their heads in the sand, saying we're conspiracy theorists. I am afraid we are fighting a losing battle. Despite showing facts exposing this whole social distancing/face mask compliance is all a fraud, people keep on doing it to their own detriment!


I know our founding fathers had a hard time throughout the whole revolutionary war, and only a small portion of the population fought, they at least had thousands. Were have all the men gone these days. I saw a retired army who had a mask on his neck, and as I approached him, he pulled his mask over his face. What!! I thought you were a "rebel". "Well, I just have to be careful you know", he replied. I was shocked. A guy who faced who knows what in combat, and an invisible agent that we now know is no more lethal than the common flu has to be careful. I guess he better not get in his car. Walking is so much safer!!! I am sick of this whole place. I see nothing but a bunch of whiney boys who talk a big game but shutter at the mere mention of a covid enforcer may be in the area. WTF!? 


Sorry, Beerman309, I haven't been on this site for awhile and just venting my frustration. Myself and my disable vet wife have been around here and Tx through this whole crappy Covid deal, and we are the only ones protesting this by not wearing masks and taking heat, and I don't see anyone else standing up for liberty and freedom. Besides the truth!!


I guess everyone is waiting for Santa to bring them some gifts. There is only two people I know that are taking a stand. One is Couy Griffin, the Otero County Commissioner chairman, and he has taken so much flack, I can't believe he is still standing. And another friend who is a soveirgn man, who is taking a totally different approach be issuing "Notice of Non-Consent". So far, no one has forced him to comply. I just hope, you, Beerman309, can bring a spirit of liberty to this forum!

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