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Prepare to Defend Your Self

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With the seizing of the Dominion servers in Germany, the statement has been made, "Once Trump is re-elected, not one city, suburb, one single person will be untouched. "  What is about to occur will make all the riots look minor.  Now that they have been seized, let me point out, China, Venezuela, Argentina, were involved in this election.  Now here are the questions you need to answer:


Where does 21 Trillion dollars in bank balance re-adjustments go?


What do you think the Student Foreign Exchange program has been used for by China?


Have you listened to Canadas President's speech?


Are you aware there is now a appointed head over France and the U.K. working with China?


Are you aware Germany is working with China?


Are you aware Russia, who has hated China has now began to work with China via troop Excercises?


Are you aware the CDC has admitted to enforcing WHO recommendations in violation of U.S. Sovereignty?


Are you aware of 280 million used to fund BLM, Antifa, and to buy off State DA's and Justices?


I'll close with this statement to all.  When your enemy has written the play book (Law), throw it out the door.  You can't win playing by their rules.  This is about self preservation.  Might I suggest you think about that when you research these questions.  Don't google.  Download Tor, use Duck Duck Go.  COVID was meant to soften us up as a first strike and take us down from the inside with traitors from within.  Every culture has fallen at the height of their arrogance, when they thought they were invincible.  The right to reform and revolution is guaranteed and upheld by thirty-five states, it is based on the Declaration of Independence.  Once Trump is re-elected, prepare to defend your self, take this to the bank.

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Trump won't be reelected. It's all a charade. Clue: Guiliani on his 'team.' The same Giuliani who swept 9/11 evidence (the demolished towers) 'under the rug' and put thousands in harms way by saying ground zero was 'safe.' He's a liar and a con man. Now Rudy is distancing Sidney Powell. Whether or not Powell is right ie are corrupt servers in Germany real, IDK, but it's not about getting Trump reelected; it's about placation and distraction. It always was.


Their focus is on the "vaccine." I'm a militia of one who refuses. I'd rather not be alone but alone is what I am despite reaching out to those in my area on this site. Why aren't there City sub forums like city-data dot com forums? That would've been too easy I guess.


My hope beyond hope is there are very smart, trained militia members who have a plan or plans for the good of the country and not just themselves. All I can think is sure good luck with that.

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"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Latin: Who is watching the watchmen?) ~ Satires of Juvenal, Roman, 100 AD

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I feel it could go either way, honestly. The entire deck of cards needs to come down. And I hate that I feel that way. But I do.

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That's just my name.

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